Divorce Mediation: There is Another Way

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Mediation provides results everyone can support

Division of assets.  Child custody.  Spousal support.  Parenting time.

They all add up to what are very likely the biggest decisions of your life. How do you want those decisions to be made?

In a hostile (not to mention costly and very public) court proceeding in which the final say rests with a judge?

Or through mediation, a process that allows couples to make the big decisions themselves, privately, and usually at a dramatically lower cost?

Cynthia Mohiuddin of Westside Family Law is both an attorney and a trained mediator who has been practicing for more than two decades. She knows the costs – emotional and financial – of contested divorce.

Mohiuddin also understands the benefits to all parties when they are able to maintain control over the divorce process. As a mediator, Mohiuddin helps couples find ways to agree on issues themselves rather than turning major decisions over to the courts.

Mediation is a good way for couples to remain in control of the divorce process and get results everyone can support.

Contested divorce is:

  • Costly in terms of legal fees and court costs
  • Time-consuming
  • Restrictive in terms of options that can be pursued
  • Very public

Divorce mediation is:

  • Less expensive
  • Far less contentious since the parties reach agreement face-to-face
  • Flexible
  • Private