Special Skills for Resolving Conflict

Cynthia Mohiuddin knows how to craft settlements that are fair, comprehensive, and durable

Cynthia Mohiuddin has represented family law clients in the Portland Metropolitan area for more than two decades.
After handling hundreds of traditional divorces, Mohiuddin realized that the adversarial approach was taking an unnecessary toll on her clients.

In her extensive training as a mediator, Mohiuddin found a way to help clients end their marriages without doing permanent damage to their children, their assets, and themselves in the process.

Divorce mediation is for couples who want to improve the chances that the process will work for every family member.

Through mediation, Mohiuddin shows couples how to resolve their issues face to face rather than through third parties. As an attorney, she is skilled at crafting settlements that will stand the test of time.

Mohiuddin believes that the adversarial nature of contested divorces directs resources and energy to nonproductive ends. Mediation directs energy into crafting solutions that allow everyone involved to move forward.

Cynthia Mohiuddin has practiced law in Oregon since 1993, specializing in domestic relations.
Her extensive mediation training allows her to offer mediation services in all areas of family law, including custody and parenting, property settlement, child and spousal support, domestic partnerships, premarital agreements, and elder care.

She is the past Chair of the Clackamas County Commission on Children and Families and a former member of the board of Resolutions Northwest.

Mohiuddin holds memberships in the Oregon Mediation Association, the Multnomah Bar Association, the Clackamas County Bar Association, and Oregon Women Lawyers.

She is an arbitrator for both the Better Business Bureau and the Office of Vocational and Rehabilitation Services in the Department of Human Resources. She has volunteered for the Multnomah County Small Claims Mediation Program and the Clackamas County Victim-Offender Mediation program