Why should you choose mediation?

Mediation offers distinct advantages

Time and again, Cynthia Mohiuddin has seen mediation work for couples in divorce. There are lots of reasons:

Divorce can leave both men and women feeling helpless, powerless, and scared. Mediation is a proven way to help both parties regain control of their lives.

  • Compared to contested divorce, mediation resolves issues more quickly and more privately in a way that increases the amount of control participants have over the outcome.
  •  Mediated divorces are typically much quicker than contested divorces. It is not unusual for a litigated divorce proceeding to take a year of your time before it’s ever heard by a judge; Mediated divorces can be final is as few as three months.
  • Mediation can also conserve assets. Most families don’t have $1,000 to $3,000 sitting in a bank account waiting to pay for the legal services and administrative costs a contested divorce generates. Those bills cause a lot of stress at a time when the family is likely split into two households that both require financial support. In contrast, a mediated divorce can cost less than $2,000.
  • In mediation, all parties are likely to find lots of validation for their positions – something they can’t expect in a contested divorce.
  • Mediation is far more client-driven than contested divorce